Paige Price on the Importance of Being Plugged Into Everything Theater

Paige Price has had a remarkable career not only as a performer, but in the business side of things as well. Price has starred in a number of critically acclaimed Broadway shows, including Smokey Joe’s Cafe, Beauty and the Beast, and 42nd Street. She has starred in films such as All the Right Moves, He Said She Said, and The New Kids.

Price was the executive artistic director of Theatre Aspen in Colorado in 2007. Prior to that, Price began producing projects with the Broadway League in 2001, was vice president of the Board of National Alliance of Musical Theatre, a founding board member of Theatre Subdistrict Council in NYC 2006-2017, the first vice president of Actors Equity, and she is currently the artistic director of the Philadelphia Theatre Company.

Hear what Paige has to say about show business in the interview above!

Page Price
After years spent as a Broadway performer, Paige began producing events, television shows and theatre in the U.S. and abroad. She begins her fourth season at Philadelphia Theatre Company.

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